Meet the Department

Mr D Gillon Head of Mathematics
Mr C Kalikwani 2nd in Department
Mrs J Cottam Teacher
Mr M Hickey Teacher
Mr J Macasaddu Teacher
Mrs A Poole Teacher
Mrs F Porter Teacher
Mrs V Sidhu Teacher

Subject Overview

We are now undertaking a completely revised syllabus, reflecting the changes within the national curriculum review, which puts even greater emphasis on problem-solving skills as well as the acquisition and learning of knowledge and understanding and will have an assessment structure which reflects this.

It should be noted that whilst it is still offered at ‘Foundation’ and ‘Higher’ tiers, these are NOT of the same levels of challenge as under the previous GCSE, with much content having been moved from Higher to Foundation and additional content added to the new Higher tier.  It should, therefore, be expected that significantly fewer pupils will be entered for Higher than with the traditional GCSE in mathematics.

Aims and Rationale

The aim of the Bishop Challoner Mathematics Department is to develop an approach towards mathematics in which students, both individually and in groups, explore the concepts of mathematics under the teacher’s guidance.

We aim to provide an environment so that each student will:
cover each of the areas of mathematics during each term i.e. Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Data Handling, Problem Solving in order to experience a range of different topics and to re-visit these regularly to reinforce and deepen learning;
discover for themselves patterns and relationships between mathematical ideas and operations;
establish techniques that are appropriate to logical reasoning and problem-solving;
master basic mathematical facts and operations and their practical applications;
understand the impact and use of calculators and other technologies so that both mathematics and technology can be used together in the students’ daily environment, now and in the future;
Students learn mathematics at different rates and in different ways. It is the aim of the mathematics department to provide all students with a common core of mathematical knowledge, with individual differences addressed by differing teaching approaches and speeds and students assigned to a group following an appropriate pathway for their needs.

It is the intent of the department to provide students with the tools for independent thinking and problem solving to encourage a successful mathematics experience and competency necessary for further secondary and post-secondary pursuits.

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