Our school has been awarded the Investor in Careers Award. This award recognises the hard work and determination of all staff in ensuring that the highest quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is being delivered to all students within the school.

The ‘Investor in Careers’ mark is a nationally recognised quality standard that shows we are educating and providing guidance related to pupils’ futures.  We were assessed over our ability to inform pupils about the wealth of careers in the world and their future options after school. We received high praise across the school and were able to demonstrate that we have a comprehensive careers programme for all pupils. The school was showcased at a panel presentation as a leading provider of careers education and ten pupils successfully spoke to an expert about their experiences.

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Very few schools achieve this high accolade and we are working hard to ensure we maintain these high standards.  We were commended for our deep learning days, school policy, college links, mock interview evening, STEM opportunities as well as our whole school approach. The pupils who met with the assessor explained how the school was helping them become confident and independent young adults who are prepared to go on to college or work placements after they leave school.

We will continue to strive to improve and demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality, independent and personalised careers education for all pupils, preparing them for the demands of adult life.

Transition to college: Open days to QMC and BCOT are arranged. Peter Symonds, Farnborough 6th, Alton and Sparsholt Colleges all make presentations to Year 11.  In addition a Careers Fair will be held in the summer for year 10 students, where all the local colleges, apprenticeship opportunities, local Government and associated organisations will be present.

Apprenticeships: Students are directed to appropriate areas of interest which enable them to earn while they learn and get training which leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

University. Students are introduced to UCAS with a guide to course selection, the admissions process, making an application and Clearing.  The library has an up to date University prospectus section.

Enterprise activities: Year 10 students will be encouraged to set up their own company and assign roles to different students to source, make, market, sell, finance products/services and manage the company’s activities throughout the year.

Writing a CV: Year 11 students will be allocated time and instructed in how to prepare a professional CV and a supporting letter of application. These documents will form the basis of their first contact with college/employment.

Interview technique: Students will be instructed how to present themselves in interviews to their best advantage.

Which career is right for you? Finding the right career can be hugely rewarding, so it’s worth putting some effort into career planning.

How can parents help?

Finding a career to suit: Encourage your child to research the type of career that they would like. Help them to find out and consider the necessary qualifications, location, salary, career progression and working conditions.

Career planning: where to start: Help your child to think about and list their interests inside and outside of school including voluntary work, travelling and specialist courses.

Exploring types of careers: Information about careers in particular industries can be obtained either through our career advisor or using online support such as Eclips, icould and Careersbox.  Encourage your child to talk to a variety of adults who have pursued different career paths.

Help with career planning: Talking to a careers adviser will help our students to focus, both internal for Year 9 students and external for Year 10 students.  Check that your child knows when these opportunities arise.

By the time students leave Bishop Challoner they will have developed the skills and confidence to make decisions and take responsibility for their future.  Working together in partnership with parents we hope that every child will find not just a job but a vocation in life which will value their talents and aspirations.

March 2018 Apprenticeship week activities

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